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gilllianfoster asked: I miss Lie to Me :(

Me too…

“Rain in nyc”  @TimRothLieToMe
So nice to see the pants are back :)

Rain in nyc”  @TimRothLieToMe

So nice to see the pants are back :)

Great video for the Save LTM Campaign, check the video out and follow the links in the info section to see how you can contribute

Cal/Gillian-Where The Story Ends

Fox Cancels Lie To Me→

I really didn’t want to see this, none the less ever have to post this…

Dream, Believe, Live: Save Lie to Me→


Here’s the main number for the FOX switchboard: 310-369-1000

If you call during business hours, ask the operator for Kevin Reilly’s voicemail. If the operator asks why you’re calling, say you’re calling about Lie to Me.

If you call after business hours, you can still leave a…

swanmagic asked: Does anyone RP in the Lie to Me fandom? Just thought I'd ask here (: Maybe someone else who does but can't find many others can message me!

I’m sure there are people who do.  Try LJ and the fanfic forums.  Anyways, I’ll just leave this here for people to respond to you. :)

agirllovesbffs asked: DO you know if there will be a season 4?

Nope, the decision is suppose to be made this month so I guess we’ll see.  As soon as I find out, I will post about it here!  Fingers crossed!

Vote for Lightman and Foster at spoilertv→

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beingawhovianruinedmyblog-deact asked: This show is so addicting. I started watching when I got home from practice, and I haven't been able to stop. I just, it's fascinating and wonderful and terrible all at the same time! I love this tumblr it's lovely, and I figured there was one(there's a fuck yeah tumblr for everything ...mostly everything awesome! :D )! But thanks for making and keeping up with this awesome tumblr!

That’s awesome, always nice to hear from new fans!  It’s sooo addicting!  And thanks for following, I’m glad people enjoy this tumblr as much as I like running it :)